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2006 ver. of our classic Tray Cards Program.

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We are the first system written for the dietary manager. We teamed up with Nurses, CDM's, Dietary managers and Dietitians + several vendors Dietary staff  to write this. 

Tray Cards a system that has revolutionized the dietary tray card system. We, in the health care field, have worked with every tray card system out there. Plastic cards, Spreadsheets, hand written forms, colored dots and complex computer programs that fall short of providing useful resident information.

Well, we've solved all of those problems by creating a no nonsense approach to the Tray Cards system. 

It works on a simple to setup and maintain resident and menu database. No more unsanitary plastic cards. No more writing and erasing dozens of spreadsheet files. Our system is designed to take your dietitian or dietary manager out of the office and back on the floor! Physician orders are posted and saved in an instant. Menus are loaded and ready to print at a push of a button. Use your own menus our menus or any vendor’s menus. Easily add an entire menu system or use the ones we provide complete with supporting documentation. There are numerous automated features that are easy to use by any member of your staff.

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Key Benefits

Dependable resident database files.

3 resident diet cards are printed per page for easy reading by your staff and residents. Cut and go! 30 Snack labels per sheet just peal and stick.

Diet changes and physician’s orders are easily entered into your database in seconds. This allows dietary to interact with nursing and doctors with various reports designed to ensure your residents are receiving the proper diet and instructions for your staff.

Dietary changes are made to your Tray Cards™   in seconds.

Ease of use, only basic computer skills are required.

Affordable! Less than half the price of our competitors

Easy to setup, or we will do it for you.

We handle multiple screen resolutions that other systems won’t.

No confusing textboxes, your changes and edits are done right in your Tray Cards™ file that is displayed on your screen.

Manage your program from a a server to allow multiple departments access to updating or changing information.

Displayed on your Tray Cards™ critical dietary information in an easy to read format for all of your staff.

Alternate menu offerings are displayed from our dining room menus that are in your software package as a added feature.

We've teamed our software with the power of Microsoft Excel © to handle your reports. We did this to allow you to not just print your reports, but to save them to a file for documentation purposes. All of these functions are completely automatic; our software handles the commands.

A 100-bed home can enter resident database information in less than 1 hour. You can also manage multiple homes by simply creating unlimited databases.

Our built in Snack labeling system is easy to update and print. Standard label paper available anywhere no special supplies or printer is required.

No charge for building your resident database if you have 50 residents or less.

No additional charges. No time limits, No annual fees, No special equipment or paper.

System requirements: Windows, 12mb disk space, CD rom. Microsoft Excel (For reports)

We also offer a wide variety of tools that are specific to your industry FREE. Weight change charts, Cyclic menus, Menu management tools and more. (Available on our web site.)


Opening Screen

Selective menu option included in the full Ver.

Manage a single or multiple home operation with unlimited databases.

Your working environment. Edits, Update, add and delete information from this screen. No more complicated databases.

Snack Label feature again fully integrated.

Reports are as easy as a push of the button. There are over 10 various report tailored for the CDM and nursing staff.

A sample report, this is a supplement report. From this screen you can either review or you can print a report.

A toolbox is provided for functions your facility may require.

Printing tray Cards has never been easier. Prep your tray Cards before printing is done efficiently by choosing from the various options. You can print a single record or all of them. You may also remove a resident that may be in the Hospital or away for the day. Sorting is as simple as clicking on the column header!

Tray Card and reports printed. Cut and go!



Snack Labels printed on Avery                                        The Menu

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Q: What are the limitations to the Demo?

     A: There is a limit of 30 records in the database + after 30 days the database will not contain error handling and will become unstable.

Q: Is there a way to print only a few snack labels?

     A: No, Most states require snacks at least 3x a day there for our program will only print the whole database or from where you begin in your record set. We have heard that a few companies out there have figured out a way around this but we have not chosen to endorse this method.

Q: Once I purchase the program how many homes can I share it with in my company.

     A: Our ELUA states 1 home per purchase. We do offer significant discounts for multi home companies. In most cases it comes to a 50% (IE 10 homes) discount but if your company is large enough we offer much greater discounts. Call us for details before purchasing.

Q: My likes and dislikes runs off my page when printed.

     A: Please see the example database there are limits bound only by paper size.

Q: We have 160 beds will this program work?

     A: We know of no limits to the size of files in a database.

Q: Is ths a lease program?

     A: No it is a one time purchase.

Q: Updates will I be contacted?

     A: No we do not alert you to updates however when available they are free and we will provide you a link to the latest download. We do not maintain records of emails or phone numbers as 99% of our business is done on line and we pretty much send out a URL once a purchase is completed and to date we get very little follow up contact. We get many kudos emails but very few questions it’s that easy to use.

Q: Do you have a call list of homes in our area using your program?

     A: See above, This program is in use across America chances are if you make a few calls in your area you will find us. Also a good source is your food service vendor who may serve many counties.

Q: Can I run my program from a server so all departments have access to the information?

     A: Yes and typically you will want to have a printer dedicated to the dietary department.

Q: Our state requires both the residents and families have access to a posted menu for the week is there a feature for this or is it extra?

    A: This feature is included in your Tray Cards purchase. This will print the menus in large font intended to post in resident common areas.

Q: How do I get the source code for this program?

    A: Larger companies are sent the source code and project files as part of the initial purchase. This enables your company to place in their own forms and help files +++. We will also release the code to food service vendors if they are offering it to their clientele.

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