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Profit and Loss Software

Restaurant Profit & Loss Accounting Program Full version, includes setup and web delivery within 48 hours.

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bulletA complete P&L program from daily cash sheets to the month end reports and everything in between. Compact design available in Excel, Lotus, and other popular applications.
bulletIntegrated payroll tracking program that takes  time inputs straight from the time card and automatically calculates overtime eliminating mistakes. Your summery is sent to your cash sheets and reports providing instant labor percentages.
bulletThe automation cuts office time by 60% allowing you to manage.
bulletProven successes across the country tracking millions and saving thousands.
bulletMaking managers successful with data that we as managers need.
bullet"Instant unit Profit and Loss Information"
bulletThis is our #1 software package! Easy to use and will pay for itself within weeks.


Banquet and Catering Software

Banquet and Catering Tools

Package Includes
bulletBanquet and Catering operations software.


Startup Package

Restaurant Startup Package

Package Includes
bulletRestaurant business plan
bullet3 year cash flow
bulletRestaurant policy manuals (Employee and Business)
bullet2 types of Daily Cash Sheets
bullet2 types of labor tracking and restaurant payroll ledgers
bulletVendor / Invoice ledger
bullet2 types of Inventory and Food cost management tools
bullet2 types of employee schedules (1 automated to figure sales and labor % totals)
bulletDeclining food cost purchase order forms. (Automated)


Admin. Tools 

POS Software

Point of Sale System written in Visual Basic 6.0 (see POS page) Windows based

Website for restaurants

Click Here to see the above site launched for Yanni's Grill & Vineyard final price was $523.17

We hear the quotes for a simple site are as high as $8000.00. The sad part is that with relatively cheap software you can become a web site owner yourself for approximately $500.00. Its almost as easy as writing a memo in Word and adding pictures.  Customize this sample for your own site. Most cities and towns have a travel and tourism counsel. Ours here in Des Moines receives 12000 hits a week from out of towners looking for lodging and restaurants. Our city counsel offers for a membership fee ($40.00 a Year) a link to our web site. Could your restaurant use a recourse like this?  This web site comes in a complete web folder that is ready to edit with your restaurants specifics and digital photos. The file contains all of the pages and navigation features. It is basically ready to launch to a web server once you make your changes. You can do it yourself!! we will even send java and meta key wording to get you listed on 10 major search engines (A free service). Free to our members!

Plus any and all of the files listed below:

Other Total Package Members Page File List:

Reservation Program: This program was designed to work with a touch screen but is good with a mouse or keyboard. It features a database that stores your reservations and alerts you at startup the days reservations. Has a calendar option for reserving days or months in advance, Clock for alarm setting, editing reviewing and deleting a reservation.  It also has onscreen keyboards.

Payroll Program: This program offer an option for storing time card information or figuring payroll percentages for your budgets. It features a windows database and fully editable record set (Unlimited # of records).

Inventory Program: This file will hold your inventory of any kind. We see it used most often for food and equipment. It will record Item description, Item Count and unit cost. It displays the total value of the database and total item count or record count. You can update right from the grid or add records, delete or modify. Great Inventory tool that we plan on making even better with more database options for multiple inventories of multiple types.

Cash Flow Program: This one was sent to us turnkey but is very popular.


Video Capture Program: This little tool will allow you to simply plug in any video camera to your PC and watch live video or you can record right to your PC. There are options to catch only a certain # of frames per minute or every frame. This program requires no installing or finding your video camera device it finds and loads it automatically. Very nice resolution and lighting compensation for darker areas. I have used this in conjunction with PCAnywhere to dial in and see my business when I couldn't be there in person. This technology also has a few other uses that we will leave up to you to decide. Check your local laws before using for those few other uses.


  Recipe Organizer Program: This will store Name, Ingredients, Instructions and more. Print, Search, Edit, Add and delete your favorite recipes. Very small and powerful recipe database plus easy to use and navigate.

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Price $275.00



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