Point of Sale Software System  for Windows

Designed in MS Visual Basic6.0 for Windows. Why pay $6000.00 to $15000.00 for a basic single screen twin printer system when you have it for less than $1000.00 with equipment and software? Programmers can contact us for the project and source code.

You may need to refresh several pictures to get your browser to load the new updated photos if you have visited here before.

Our Point of Sale system has been updated as of 10/05

We now offer a "Demo" download! 5.9mb zipped. Click here to download:  POS System Demo  See "read me" once you unzip.

Here is the list of Updates: Below is the list of the basic features.

Now 50 Tables!!!! Available.

1. New "Speed Message" feature based on the restaurant industry standard for communicating special instructions to the kitchen. 42 custom messages that will free up 42 buttons from your menu files or eliminate type time for your wait staff. The touchscreen message keyboard is still a standard feature.
2.Adjustable "Discount" name and percentage. We had a standard 10% senior discount but have now enabled our users to rename and adjust the percentage to reflect anything you wish.
3.Now there is a "Guest Check Preview" that pops up the entire ticket that are often very big and require scrolling while being checked for accuracy. No longer just push the button and there it is. It is a simple click and show click and close.
4.A new "Print Guest Check" allows you to print the check that the customer receives without closing the table. The check is printed to the (0) wait printer. We have run into requests for this function for large single check parties. It allows the manager to Pre-Print and review on the fly before the check is finalized and closed. Protecting your sales.
5.You can now "Re-Name" any of your menu category buttons to anything you wish. We originally built this with again the restaurant industry standard for menu categories. We have had requests from the first day years ago for this feature and have explored several ways to approach this issue. Our main focus was that it had to be "User Friendly". Well it is and it is now available.
6.Adjustable employee discounts, Same as the regular discount process.
7.There is now an option for the manager to allow the "removal" of menu items from a guest check without the use of the manager entering a password. This security issue is still monitored by way of a recorded database of all items removed and by whom. This option allows the manager to either enable or disable this feature from the tools menu.
8.The big one, "Tax free" You can now from the guest check window designate any item as Tax Free. Your "Z" window now has a tracking and total of all items designated as such. The table window now reflects both taxable and non-taxable sales with the proper calculations for both categories. The process is a simple double click of the non-taxable item rather than designate categories and separate databases.
If you currently own our software and want the update it will be available on our site Tuesday 9/16.
If you are a developer that owns our project files and source code please Email us for the url for your download.

May take a few moments to load.

Download users guide zipped with photos 5mb

Point of Sale System written in Visual Basic 6.0


                                                                            The last 8 photos outline the new features.

Unlike other POS systems, ours works like the cash register system. At the end of the day you get reports just like a standard cash register ("Z") plus all of the security features of a POS system. See below for more details.

bulletPicture 1 is a display of the main screen. This screen has the current Time, Date and Day. The option buttons for both server and manager are accessible from here. The OPEN TABLE button allow access to any table in the restaurant. The BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER buttons change the menu for those meals and pricing database instantly. The SIGN IN button records the server or anyone else in the database. This will record the current time and date and day name to the database. The SIGN OUT button does the same function as the sign in button but will also record this employees sales (If any) and their tip summary based on a predetermined percentage. (In this case 15%)  The wait printer will then print a Time Slip and a managers copy is sent to the remote printer. The MY SALES button simply allows any server or manager to check a employees current sales total based on closed tables. The server would use this option if they are ready to cash out and are totaling their charges and cash sales prior to actually cashing out. The TABLE LIST button displays a chart of tables that are currently open and active in your restaurant.  The CALCULATOR accesses the windows calculator. The BARTENDER button opens a bartenders database full of printable recipes. The MANAGER  button opens a password protected screen full of the standard managers reports and functions. The RESERVATION button opens a auto remind feature that lists all of the reservations for the current day. You can also book reservations for the year and the program will list and remind you daily on startup the reservations for the current day. The CASH REGISTER button is a feature that mimics a regular cash register. Some restaurants use this as a bar POS that will both record food orders and handle cash, check or credit card orders from the bar. This feature will handle basic cash drawer functions and customer receipts.
bulletPicture 2 is a display of a open table form. The wait staff click their name and push the table # to open the table.
bulletPicture 3 is the actual table form. The first function is to choose the number of customers in the party. The second function is to select from the menu category buttons to display the sub menu items in that category. In this example we have selected Pasta. We are ready to build our kitchen order ticket. The manager button is there if a waiter(tress) needs to delete a item from a guest check. This button displays the password box and once the mgr. presses a button the item can be deleted.
bulletPicture 3- 4 shows a 2top with a order of Manicotti Al Forno and Cappelinni. The Manicotti person wants us to go easy on the garlic so our wait staff presses the message button to send a text or numeric message to the kitchen. Once we have added a message push the done button in that window and the message is added to the kitchen and guest ticket. Once all of the menu items have been added the wait staff pushes the send to kitchen button. When all of the non kitchen menu items have been added such as beverages the wait staff pushes the main "Done" button and the ticket is recorded to a database and the open table stands by until it is opened again for the addition of more menu items or closing the table. Once the wait staff is ready to close a table they will push the "Close Table" button and the guest check is printed to the wait staff printer. A copy of this guest check is also printed to the second printer as a printed record. The database is cleared for that table and the wait staffs name and ticket $$ amounts are recorded to another database for the reporting process. The table is now ready to be reopened. There is no limit to the # of tables that can be opened at one time. Also note that the wait staff has a number of options for modifying a guest check. There is a senior or 10% discount button, employee meal discount button and if your operation adds a tip to party's over a certain number then there is a button for instantly figuring the tip amount for that guest check.  Also there is a clear notes button that clears all of the non-$$ messages and instructions from the guest check prior to printing and closing the table. When the print guest check  button is pushed a message box  pops up asking if you are ready to close the table.
bulletPicture 5 shows how easy it is to "Split" a guest check. When we started writing this program we all had experience with other POS systems that are very un-user friendly when it comes to splitting a guest check. This is one reason our system handles this Med. volume restaurant with only one terminal as the wait staff is not in front of it for more than a few seconds performing any function. To split a check simply push the "Split check" button and the whole ticket is reopen in a upper window. The user simply touches the item he or she want to add to the separate ticket and presses "Move selected". Once the new ticket contains all of the items for this separate ticket the user presses print split. The ticket is printed (With copy as before) and the window is automatically cleared and ready for the next separate ticket. Once the top main ticket is cleared the table is automatically closed and all is recorded to the database. There are also "Undo" and options that allow the addition of items from the menu in case something was missed. This feature also allows the staff to add a tip based on your policy to any check split or un-split. Every restaurant has a party of 8+ that may qualify for a  predetermined tip but in some cases the party may want the total split into individual checks. This feature allows the split check to add the tip directly to the printed check.  You can also do the same for any check large or small.
bulletPicture 6 shows the Managers portion of the program. The manager is greeted with a password screen as to keep non-managers out of the critical functions available. Note all of the functions of this program are built to be used by a touch face computer screen or a mouse or touch pad. There are built in screen key boards for either function.
bulletPicture 7 shows all of the functions available to the manager. These functions are pretty standard so take a look at this frame. We are going to add additional functions as with any software application it is a continuing process of improvement. There are 26 functions available for your security and reporting. View open tables, View server totals, Sales quick check, Delete server sales, Close no timecard reset, Print sales backup, Open (view) sales backup, "Z" report, Reset time cards, Servers (employees ) on time clock, Sales mix, Test printers, Adjust touch screen, Close shift, Remove item (table order) Tax/user setup (Tax rates, Guest check titles and addresses phone# fax ..., employee disc. Tip rate and advertisements.) Edit menus, add/del servers (employees), Deleted items report, Cash out, open cash drawer (No sale) cycle tickets (find abandoned tickets or non-closed tickets), Auto cycle (same as cycle but will print and delete.), delete order (prior to closing...walk out or??), print sales report (List), close POS and more.....
bulletPicture 8 Shows the User/Tax setup. This dialog allow the ability to customize your guest check printout. Taxes, Category button names. Tip rate, Buffet prices and………..
bulletPicture 9 Shows how easy it is to edit add delete any item on your menus. Change prices, categories, for any meal rite from your screen on the fly!
bulletPicture 10 shows the bartenders database. With all the new and old multitude of drink recipes out there we decided to make a simple printable database for those drinks a customer had in 1935 in the Congo. The bartender can add, edit, delete, print recipes simply by touching the drink and pressing print. The name, type, ingredients and instructions are printed to the printer instantly. This can also record kitchen recipes. 
bulletPicture 11 shows how your employees clock in. The process works like this, when your staff comes to work they push the clock in button on the main screen. Another screen pops up and they simply select their name from the list on the left. They then press the sign in button and save. This records the time card information to a database until the employee signs out.
bulletPicture 12 shows the sign out process. It is handled as above but when a employee signs out any sales at that time are recorded as well as their tip amount bases on sales and a pre determined %. A time slip is automatically sent to the secondary printer and the employee has the option of printing a copy for themselves. This data is retained until the manager opts to clear it. 
bulletPicture 13-14-15 Shows the cash register portion of our POS system. It feels and works just like a regular cash register. Most of our users use this for their bar where both food and bar sales can be handled from one station.
bulletPicture 16 shows the cash out process. The cash out process is pretty straight forward. The window only lists employees that have sales for that particular shift. Simply select the employee that is cashing out and record the $ amount of cash, coupons (checks and coupons) and charges. The program will automatically re total the amount still out standing after each input.  The print receipt button will print a receipt and trigger the cash drawer to open. Easy enough.
bulletPicture 17 Shows the "Z" report it shows you details of the days transactions. It will also print a standard "Z" just like a cash register.
bulletPicture 18 The Reservation Database button opens a auto remind feature that lists all of the reservations for the current day. You can also book reservations for the year and the program will list and remind you daily on startup the reservations for the current day. 
bullet23-26 Source Code Information
bulletNotes: Security features: Delete reports, Items removed reports, Managers password changes on demand, Second printout of all guest checks printed, Time card reports and copies, Traditional Cash out reports and copies, Individual server sales reports and lists. Sales backup in the event of power failures….., Cash Drawer option record “No Sales” “Open Cash Drawer” .01 misc, Abandoned checks still in the system….. and more.
bulletHow easy is it to use?
bulletClock in, Open Table, Enter menu items, Add speed notes, Send order to Kitchen, Done. 

Come back after the Entrée and Open table again add any items such as drinks, bar items or desserts, review and print guest check. An average order takes a total of 10 to 25 seconds to fully complete from beginning to end depending on the size of the party.

We will be adding a How to Build My Own POS System very soon. We will also provide the know how to add the software to an existing system.


Here is a picture of our typical system. It consists of a basic PII or higher PC, 2 receipt printers, one touchscreen monitor, (Elo or MicroTouch) Windows OP system. We have all of our equipment upgraded and refurbished.


A few things to keep in mind when building your own: Epson printers are essentially bullet proof and the drivers are available for most any OP system. Plus we have seen these operate fine using 125 foot cables to the kitchen. Using a flat panel LCD touchscreen monitor invites several problems. 1. Kitchen grease is harder on these than the CRT’s. They are also light so if not mounted to a counter or wall they are easily knocked over or cracked. Using above a PII PC the system moves far too fast for your staff to #1 understand what the system is doing or allows time to stop a process they really did not want to do in the first place. Leave a key board and mouse to allow the PC to be used as a regular PC such as word processing or internet access. Also connecting multiple monitors to one CPU runs into some expensive cards and programming. We have found it very cost effective to simply use two systems if your establishment has more than 6 servers a shift. If your monitor has a swivel base it can be placed in an area where you bartender can spin it their way and back for your servers eliminating a second system or screen.

Look for details coming up for how to actually put together a complete system from beginning to end……


bulletOur system is simple to operate and is very fast because it is #1 a Windows based program and #2 it is written in MS Visual Basic 6.0. It is built to handle the daily functions of your restaurant with speed and reliability. Our experience has been that it takes minutes to train your staff and has replaced more cumbersome hard to navigate systems. Our concept is simple and affordable restaurant technology for the industry's owners and managers. 

Complete POS Systems Available: 

We now offer a "Demo" download! 5.9mb zipped. Click here to download:  POS System Demo  See "read me" once you unzip.

Download users guide zipped with photos 5mb

Download system specs. and details Word Doc.

Download sample source code Text.

We built these POS systems to offer an alternative to those big name high cost systems . We are offering them at Only $1000.00 each. They also have our Accounting software and the latest restaurant specific POS software. We will ship to the US and Canada free!


This POS system comes complete with all software and all hardware. They can be built less expensive but we used name brand equipment: HP Vectra, Pentium II / III, Epson TM-T80 to 88 series receipt printers. IBM, Microtouch, ELO Touch screen monitor . These systems also support a cash drawer for the cash register program. These are Microsoft Windows based systems not DOS
based. This means you can use it as a standard computer for all of 
your businesses needs. They come turnkey with all software equipment and cables. (Extensions for serial cables may be needed depending on distance from your wait station or kitchen.) We will also pre-setup your menus and employee information for you so you are running as soon as you plug it in!


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Price: $1000.00 

Quantity: POS System Complete with Hardware Turnkey 

Price: $500.00 (Developers and Re-sellers)

Quantity: Unlimited agreement for the Project File and Source Code.

Price: $75.00  No charge to our current members for the compiled version. 

Quantity:     POS System Compiled Installation ( You have your own equipment.) 

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