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Reservation Database

Payroll Program Full version

Inventory Database

We are posting the newest upgrade for the POS program. The links will be up in a few days.

  POS system Visual Basic 6.0  Update as of 10/03 This is the install program in full. The managers screen password is 7873

  POS Update 12/04 New and Very

Drag and Drop POS System Upgrade  10/03  This file contains the .exe, jpg of the menu file and your new "database" file. You must have the above installed on your PC and the update is a drag and drop kind of upgrade. It is intended for those who have an older ver. of this POS System. Below are the instructions for the do it yourselfer. This file has the new request for no popups and ability to change your password.

Note!!! You may need to make name changes to your menu files to support this new version. Please look at the attached Menufile.jpg and either re-name the appropriate files or call us to help walk you through it.

Note!!! There is also a new "database" file that is also needed to support this new version of your POS system. You will have to update the information in your "User/Tax" database.

Note!!! For those that understand computers and files well enough to DIY here is where you can locate these files: C:/Windows/Program Files/CashTrrapPOS

Your database file is located in this folder. You can use the drag and drop method and you will be prompted to replace. Your database file supports your naming of your menu files and variances in discounts and names of discounts. Your existing database file does not support this.

Your menu files are in the files named "Breakfast", "Lunch" and "Dinner" within you POS file. Your folder must look exactly like the photo attached. You will be able to rename the titles within your POS program regardless of the names of these databases.

Visit our site for photo details for the new changes..    If you are not comfortable with making this upgrade call us and we will help. We have not made a self extracting file as to not overwrite your POS info.



Note: New updates outline:


1. New "Speed Message" feature based on the restaurant industry standard for communicating special instructions to the kitchen. 42 custom messages that will free up 42 buttons from your menu files or eliminate type time for your wait staff. The touchscreen message keyboard is still a standard feature.

2.Adjustable "Discount" name and percentage. We had a standard 10% senior discount but have now enabled our users to rename and adjust the percentage to reflect anything you wish.

3.Now there is a "Guest Check Preview" that pops up the entire ticket that are often very big and require scrolling while being checked for accuracy. No longer just push the button and there it is. It is a simple click and show click and close.

4.A new "Print Guest Check" allow you to print the check that the customer receives without closing the table. The check is printed to the (0) wait printer. We have run into requests for this function for large single check parties. It allows the manager to Pre-Print and review on the fly before the check is finalized and closed. Protecting your sales.

5.You can now "Re-Name" any of your menu category buttons to anything you wish. We originally built this with again the restaurant industry standard for menu categories. We have had requests from the first day years ago for this feature and have explored several ways to approach this issue. Our main focus was that it had to be "User Friendly". Well it is and it is now available.

6.Adjustable employee discounts, Same as the regular discount process.

7.There is now an option for the manager to allow the "removal" of menu items from a guest check without the use of the manager entering a password. This security issue is still monitored by way of a recorded database of all items removed and by whom. This option allows the manager to either enable or disable this feature from the tools menu.

8.The big one, "Tax free" You can now from the guest check window designate any item as Tax Free. Your "Z" window now has a tracking and total of all items designated as such. The table window now reflects both taxable and non-taxable sales with the proper calculations for both categories. The process is a simple double click of the non-taxable item rather than designate categories and separate databases.

  Full Cash Flow Program With setup

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POS users guide zip file 5mb with photos

Cash Trrap Profit and Loss Files

  Self Setup Profit and loss Program. (Call or Email for URL) Contains Demo, Blank P&L, Setup Info allowing you to setup your own P&L program. If you would rather have us set your program up for you fill out this out Setup Questionnaire and attach it to an email and we will send you your completed program.

  Documentation        White Pages         Setup Questionnaire        Overview         Screen Sample         

  Profit and Loss Programs Uploaded for July 03 (Use your emailed url to download)

  POS System Software Full

  POS System Source Code and project file details (Screen Shots)

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