Banquet / Catering Program!

We pre-released 23 of these and here is the Users Guide (Basic) Banquet/Catering Guide   Word.doc

Retail/Restaurant Automated Accounting Program

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Information = $ucce$$        Let our software do your daily paperwork for you!

What this program will do:

This program will.

bulletBuild a Banquet or Catering quote instantly.
bulletGives you the ability to store repeat events in a database for quick access and editing
bulletEdit menus on the fly.
bulletBuild and print contacts instantly.
bulletPrint multiple copies for all departments involved.
bulletBook in advance, years if you like and have access when the event draws near.
bulletStore a banquet or catering event log for planning and ordering.
bulletRecord event book date and event date.
bulletResolve conflicts before they happen.
bulletHard copy any special instructions
bulletStore customer information of past and future events.
bulletNo math! The program will do all of the extensions for you.
bulletFactored Gratuity, Taxes, Discounts, Deposits, Room Rent, Setup Fees, Teardown Fees, Bar Fees and more.

Users Guide (Basic) Banquet/Catering Guide   Word.doc

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Hand written or form contracts consume time and invite mistakes. Sloppy files and notes are a thing of the past with this all in one banquet and catering program. All of the information needed to fill a quote normally takes place during the initial phone call to your business. This program will have an event booked and filed plus a computer contact written before you hang up the phone. We have a very simple approach to a relatively complicated process of creating a contracted event for your business.


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